The Vamp

by Peter J Stevens

Bill walked into the tavern and took a seat at the end of the polished mahogany bar. His day had been long and tiring, and a cold beer would help rejuvenate his spirit.

As he waited for the golden brew to arrive he scanned the room for familiar faces. Seeing none, he turned his attention to the television at the far corner of the room.

It was then that he noticed her. She was sipping a Bloody Mary. It wasn't the fact that she was alone that caught his eye, but rather that she was captivating. Not a classic beauty, but a modern modonna; that one may not notice immediately, but once sighted, from that moment on will haunt your dreams.

Picking up his drink, he moved down beside her.

"We're two semi-trucks traveling down a dark, deserted highway," he said. "You're a Mack and I'm a Peterbilt. Let's stop and fill our tanks together," he continued, trying to start a conversation.

Without saying a word, she finished her drink and started for the door. Stopping halfway, she turned around and looked at him, then was gone.

Bewildered, Bill gulped the warming brew and pondered the chain of events. At least she didn't throw her drink at him, which was the usual result. One more sip and he walked out into the cool night air. Not knowing which way she had gone, he looked in both directions, searching for a trace of her.

As he was about to give up and go back in to order a consolation drink, a car pulled up before him and stopped. The passenger door opened. There she was, sitting in the driver's seat, waiting for a response. Bill found himself climbing into the car and closing the door.

Unable to take his eyes from her, it was some time before he took notice of the direction they were traveling. The road was dark and void, not only of voyagers, but almost of all Earthly reminders. The black satin through which they moved seemed to swallow the moon as well as the stars.

The car turned onto a dirt driveway and came to a stop. A house loomed before them, an old, wooden farmhouse that adapted well to large families.

Not a word had she spoken all evening, nor would she start now. Bill stood beside the car and watched her disappear into the house. He look around but saw nothing other than the house and some other cars. He thought to himself, "what do I have to lose," and decided to take a chance. He followed her into the house.

The house looked empty, but sounds of occupancy filled the dwelling. The house was sparsely furnished and in need of repairs. The stairs squeaked under his weight and he stepped slowly and gently.

He entered her room cautiously and closed the door behind him. She had her back to him and was stepping out of her dress, which reveled the baby doll lingerie she wore for undergarments. She turned and faced him revealing a well developed body covered only by clothing that was made to be seen through and easily removed. Slowly, she approached him.

His began to think that maybe this was not such a good idea. But she had a hypnotic effect on his ability to be rational. She took hold of him by the front of his pants, undid the belt and then the latch that held the front panels together. She walked around to Bill's side, still holding him by his pants. She reclined on the unslept-in bed and pulled Bill down on top of her. She began to kiss him passionately. She rolled him over and undid his shirt. She began to massage his chest with her long fingernails. She kissed his chest and began to work her fiery passion to the lower areas of his anatomy.

Bill's heart began to race. He had known women before, but never one who could stir such desire in him. His senses began to drift. Clouds seemed to drift around him and he lost the feeling of lying on the bed; he seemed to float, suspended in midair. He drifted in space, his passion and desire were raised to a level that he was unable to control or contain. Slowly he began to lose consciousness. Dreamlike images filled his head, and he drifted into a deep, long sleep.

She raised herself off his limp body. Blood dripped from her chin and she used her fingers to retrieve each drop; sucking the liquid from her fingers. Mindlessly, she walked downstairs and out the back door into the cool night air. Her footprints in the dewy grass led to the deserted barn where she opened a horse stall and climbed into the long thin wooden box where she had spent many days.

One by one the other members of the clan left the partner each had brought that night and returned to the sanctuary where each spent the day. Most headed for the barn where there was more privacy, but some entered the garage. Others disappeared into the basement.

The dew evaporated from the grass, erasing the footprints as the sun rose higher in the sky.

About midmorning, Bill began to wake. Stretching, he tried to remember what had happened the night before. He remembered nothing after climbing in bed with the siren. He assumed he had won his conquest, and smiled with a slight chuckle.

He scratched his crotch where he felt an irritation and then looked around the room. He was surprised to find himself still in his clothes, although just barely, and he dismissed it without a thought.

He buttoned his shirt and tucked it in at the waist. He then walked down the stairs and into the living room where other people were bashfully milling about.

He picked out a young lady who looked interesting and introduced himself. After the initial chitchat, he asked her if she lived here.

"Hell no! I don't even know where I am."

"Well, tell me then, what's a girl like you doing in a dive like this?" Bill was never good at turning a phrase and today would prove no exception. But his mind was still groggy and it was the best he could come up with. Besides, she wasn't in any better condition than he was, so he didn't lose any points with her for being corny.

"This may sound weird, but I was waiting for a bus after work and this guy pulled up in front of me at the corner. After a moment he asked me if I'd like a ride. Now I don't do this kind of thing, I mean I'm not cheap or easy, but somehow I could not help myself. I climbed into the car and here I am."

"What happened then," Bill inquired. "Inquiring minds want to know," he added almost hating himself for saying it.

"I don't remember anything after we arrived. In fact, the girls here that I've talked to all have similar stories to tell. And I don't know what happened to the guy. He's nowhere to be found. Weird, isn't it?"

"I'll say, but it sounds like what happened to me. Come on, let's look around."

They stepped outside and saw the row of cars. They walked around them and found one with the keys in the ignition. "Want a ride out of here?" he said, not actually asking, as he sat down behind the steering wheel.

"Let's go," she responded. "Get me outta here," she added, "and don't spare the horses."

Bill found himself restless and unable to watch T.V. He phoned a friend and they agreed to meet for a drink.

Bill arrived first and ordered a Bloody Mary, not his usual drink, but somehow it seemed like the thing to have.

As his drink arrived so did John. Bill liked to be with John because frequently John would find two lovely young women when Bill couldn't find one.

The waitress took John's order, then walked past Bill and ran her fingers over his shoulder. Stunned, Bill almost knocked over his drink. After a moment his mind returned to where he was, and he began to tell John the events of the night before.

John's drink arrived and again the waitress stroked Bill. John was struck by this because women found him interesting, but never, never Bill. And the waitress was ignoring John entirely while almost throwing herself at his friend.

When Bill finished, they both sat back in their chairs in silence. Bill had finished his drink and the waitress was ready with a new one.

For the first time he took notice of her. She was very attractive, but not beautiful. Her body was slender and well cared for. She had on a uniform that showed more of her than it covered.

As she walked back to her station, Bill changed his position in the chair to watch her. He was a "T & A" man but now he found himself intrigued by a different part of her body. For the first time in his life, he found the area about two inches below the ear - irresistible.

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