Calling All Thinkers

by Dom Jervis

Ilians possess a very special gift. We have superior ability to solve problems using logic, reason, and philosophically sound principles, based on the rational assimilation of factual data.

Some might opine that, with this gift comes a responsibility to share it with others. Wouldn't a collaboration of Ilians working together to solve a given problem be a powerful force for good, as well as fun? If you believe so, I would like to invite you to join the Intertel Think Tank!

Our first step is the collection of potential issues to address. We might wish to refrain from hackneyed debates such as the right to bear arms, capital punishment, and a woman's right to choose. These all have very simple answers when the three criteria noted in the first paragraph are applied. However, both sides of all three issues have been largely taken over by professional extremists. No workable compromise exists which satisfies both sides of any of these issues. In fact, the warring factions depend on the existence of the other side to keep their own cash registers ringing. Neither camp wants its philosophical cash cow to be impaled by settling the issue.

Instead, we might wish to consider more pragmatic issues. To set your synapses into firing mode, I'll offer an example, as follows:

Inter-gender relations: From the boardroom to the home, the roles of the genders in our society are undergoing unprecedented change. This, at times, causes difficulty in communication between the genders, at a time when communication is quintessential. How can the genders communicate with more clarity and less discomfort, and, at the same time, respect, appreciate, and even enjoy our inherent differences?

Stipulations on who may participate are allowable. In the above example, one may state that holders of the, "All men are pigs!" and "Women should be kept barefoot and pregnant!" viewpoints need not apply. The goal here is a meaningful dialogue meant to help the genders happily co-exist, not a Pyrrhic victory.

Please bear in mind that this is only an example, designed to inspire you to consider submitting a discussion topic on an issue that is near and dear to you.

You may send your suggested topics to me via e-mail or snail mail. I will list the topics submitted in Integra, and then ask for volunteers to participate in the discussion of their choice. Upon receiving the names, e-mail addresses, issue(s) of interest, et al from participants, I will circulate this information to each member of that group. The members of each group should then select a group leader. Then, each member may pursue independent research on the topic, and then report back according to the timetable agreed to by the group. Once finished, the final product could possibly be published in Integra, subject to the approval of its editor.

Depending on the response, I will wait one to three months to submit a follow-up article to Integra listing the topics submitted, or a statement that none were received. I certainly hope this will not be the case, because I believe this could be one of the most beneficial (and enjoyable) projects that Intertel could offer to its members and society.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

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