These Twisted Tales Brought To You By:

Original stories by Kort E Patterson

The following copyrighted works of fiction by Kort E Patterson may be downloaded, viewed, and printed for personal noncommercial use only. All other rights reserved. Reprint rights may be available to appropriate websites on request.

File sizes are provided as a guide to the relative lengths of the pieces.

The Closet (9k)

What's a small boy to do when there really are aliens in the closet?

Paradise (16k)

Love amid the ruins

Emily (70k)

A world full of bugs, slime, and crawly things

A Trip To The Repair Shop (66k)

Ever get the feeling that machines were out to get you?

Power Failure (32k)

Be careful what you want - you may get what you deserve.
(This story also appears in the August issue of Planet Magazine)

The Search (17k)

Looking for life among the stars

Creative Journalism (46k)

The conspiracy behind the UFO conspiracy.
(This story also appears in Gearhead Magazine)

The Old Man (20k)

Making the punishment truly fit the crime
(This story also appears in Gearhead Magazine)

To Raise the Sun (63k)

The sun didn't come up this morning - the celestial machine must have stopped.

The All-In-One Do Everything Machine (14k)

The machines came with a satisfaction guarantee, and they were all being returned...


These twisted tales represent the author's best efforts to capture in words the more interesting and/or amusing stories that have intruded into his consciousness over the years.

No admission is made whether these simple stories, imaginings, delusions, and/or wild ravings escaped out into the human experience from within the confines of a mental maelstrom vibrating in the flux of overwhelming energy saturating the author's fevered brain, or were drawn whole cloth from the ethereal ether by the vacuous emptiness of the author's deep dark inner void.

The intention of the author is that each story be true to itself, and progress within its own logical framework. The author offers no other explanation as to why some readers may find the perspectives and conclusions of these stories mutually contradictory.

These questions and others are left up to the reader to decide for themselves.

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