I can not believe that people are still circulating this "Craig Sherford Make-A-Wish/terminal cancer business card" urban legend. Please BREAK THE CHAIN! Even with a retraction to the April/May 1996 letter to the editor from Elizabeth Andrews, this stupid thing will be forward and reprinted forever! It never dies! For more information see:

Sherford Info Page

Not really your fault... These legends are meant to be soooo appealing that anyone could be taken in. (This one actually has more basis in fact than any of the other classic ones...)

It's just so hard to break a chain like this when it gets started... The real problem is that we are too trusting and don't bother to actually check these things out before publishing them... and then it's too late.

As you may have read, some kids in Washington state collected 57000 cards before they found out it was all a hoax...(or maybe that story is a hoax too.)

These things generate so much wasted effort_ phone calls, postage, etc. Maybe an article on Urban Legends might be something for POC.


Mark Rego

p.s. I love reading my son's POC... he's only 5 years old so I can get away with it.

p.p.s. Did you know that there are alligators in the New York sewer system... it all started when some kid got a baby one as a pet in Florida...

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