Dear Intertel,

Two days ago I received my copy of Integra. Some of the pages were joined and required being cut apart. An imperfect journal by people who possess a high IQ individually is not alarming or unexpected. However, this issue contained an alarming attack on another member of Intertel because she seemingly failed to understand the philosophy of a person who feels that he is able to drive safely after he has inbibed enough alcohol to raise his blood alcohol level to an illegal level. I might have expected this level of invectiveness from the likes of Manson, Son of Sam or Bundy who also had or have high IQ's and a feeling that they should be allowed to do their own thing. Fortunately, our laws generally promote the common good and protect us from people who cannot or will not learn how to live in a civilized society. If one wants to break the laws, he should move to a place without laws or plan to spend a good part of his life in jail.

I find it hard to believe that in this day of easy information that anyone could doubt that the efforts of MADD have significantly lowered the rate of vehicular deaths and that any driver is impaired significantly if his blood alcohol level exceeds the legal level. It certainly behooves editors to know the facts before they articulate their superficial sentimentalities. Most of us appreciate factual honest articles and do not appreciate diatribes, personal invectiveness or misinformed opinions.

Personally, I feel that Mr. Kort E Patterson should apologise to Ms. Westerfield at this time or consider resigning as Regional Director. Editor. Port of Call.

Howard C. Pomeroy

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