Dear Kort,

I have read the August/September 1995 issue of Port of Call including your comments re censoring of material you choose to place in this newsletter and the letters from Brewster Gillett and Dan Boone. I offer the following opinions.

1. Intertel should censor nothing; however officers may respond to articles printed and if officers choose not to support a local newsletter, the bylaws of the organization need to be consulted.

2. Articles which display a bias should be listed as editorials (eg., your article re Microsoft should be split into two parts, one factual and the other your opinion re those facts).

3. If the editor is the only person who submits articles for publication, the need for the newletter should be reviewed.

Personally, I like your articles. They present controversial ideas that incite response. But the newletter (at least this issue) reads more like a personal soundingboard of the editor than a NEWSletter of the organization. As such, you are wise to consider going private.


Warren A. Oskey

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