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"" (C|net Central)


Fully Informed Jury Association

Cornell Law School

Constitution Society

Second Amendment Law Library

Arms Rights and Liberty Information on the Internet

Library Of Congress Archives

US Census Bureau, Economic Census Data

PC Webopaedia - Online encyclopedia and search engine

The Internet Movie Database

Liberty's Educational Advocacy Forum, Indiana-FIJA, Inc. - For Liberty in Our Lifetime, R.J. Tavel, J.D.

QuackWatch - Guide to health fraud, quackery, and intelligent decisionmaking

Southwest School of Botanical Medicine

Good IQ?

Scientific and Research

ZRS, Koper Scientific and Research Centre of the Republic of Slovenia at Koper. Activities: basic and applied research, expert advising and consulting, education, organising meetings of scientists and experts, publicising and publishing, documentation and librarianship in the field of Mediterranean studies with emphasis on the study of Slovene Istria through interdisciplinary and comparative approach of humanistic and social sciences from the aspect of ecology, nature protection and biology, as well as in natural sciences.

Alternative On-line Publications

The Laissez Faire City Times - Social and political commentary

Jewish World Review - Jewish as well as secular perspectives on world events

On-line Publications/Extensions of Other Media

C|Net online

Discovery Channel

Comedy Central

Public Broadcasting System

United Media Comics

Hi-IQ Societies

Mensa - (American Mensa Ltd)

Poetic Genius Society

Organizations & Businesses

Overall Technology Inc. - Linux systems and services, Inspection software

Gun Owners of America - "The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington." -Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)

National Rifle Association (NRA) - For those who value their freedom

Tests, Recreations & Games

PUZZ.COM - dedicated to high IQ societies, IQ tests, puzzles, and games including Chivalrous Attrition, a chess variant. - Ranging from serious IQ tests to the sexual color test and free online interactive games.

Interesting Personal Pages

Kort E Patterson - Articles and short stories

Jeffry Fisher

Grimwulf (Stephen Huff) - Ideas and Social issues, cooking, and more!

Tom Boyd - computer and website help

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