Dear Editor

I am only one voice, but I have learned from you and your expositions in Port of Call that one voice can make a difference in the fight against censorship by changing people’s attitudes mind by mind, over time. I support your decision to produce Port of Call independently. When a person feels the need to expound as viciously as you did against the Big Brothers of Intertel in the August/September 1995 issue, and the accusations relayed are your heartfelt opinions, the only moral option seems to be one of separation. I say jump from the ship before you are officially removed as Editor of Region 7. Don’t give them the satisfaction of announcing your removal at the point of their sword, off the plank, and into the waters of the damned and forsaken. I have always believed in going out with a bang, that’s how I plan to go. Make the next Port of Call your last under the control of Intertel and let the world of “high intelligence” hear what is going on from the perspective of one of its own members. Please include me in your (Ex-Intertel) Port of Call mailing list, for this is America and I choose to read the uncensored thoughts and opinions of men and women. There is more at stake here than just a newsletter or even a single man’s fight against bureaucracy. Those members of Intertel and/or Mensa who have a wider view of the downfall of today’s society through censorship can join Kort by supporting him in his effort to battle the monster that is censorship.

Apart, we stand alone
Together, we stand in brotherhood
Morally, we stand corrected
Respectfully, we take a stand

Jeff King

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