Member Iloilo Jones, author of the article "Many Things Missing" (April/May Port of Call), reports:

Rational Review has published my article at their website. Drug Policy Forum has also published the article. It has gone to several (print) newspapers, but I don't know yet if it has been published by any of them. And it must be getting around the net, because I'm getting responses to it, through the web site, mostly with questions on how to join and support FIJA. Interestingly, one fellow remembered the interview I did for Salon, and commented that this was another case of the jury not knowing all the facts. He wondered if Scalia would write another "jury power" opinion such as the one in the Ring case. Hope so!


The biggest and most powerful
law enforcement organization
in the United States
has the absolute
ignore laws,
send people to prison,
keep people out of prison,
ignore judges and prosecutors,
make the outcome of any jury trial
what they want it to be
make our government honest.

What is this organization?

The Fully Informed Jury!
Call 1-800-tel-jury

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