Congratulations to you and Kim Martin, editor of Integra, for producing newsletters that get away from the new-age, politically correct, victim mentality, psycho-babble so prevalent in many other Mensa and Intertel publications. It’s long past time for common sense and personal responsibility to be returned to the public dialogue.

Now, all we have to do is cease subsidizing, and start speaking out against non-contractual, sometimes accidental, unilaterally chosen head-of-household status by certain persons who belong to that class of people who have never been obligated to serve the society in any capacity but who do enjoy the right to make choices which obligate others to unrewarded obligations and responsibilities. Then and only then will we begin to stem the tide of societal decay in America.

Keep up the great editorial work!

Gene Hopp
MEN”S Advocate,
Mensa SIG

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