Truth and Lies from the Dark Side

As the one man in the 20th century who came closest to destroying civilization as we know it, Adolf Hitler was perhaps the ultimate expert on political manipulation, abuse of power, and the dark side of human nature. While in hindsight we know him as the manifestation of evil, during his reign, he convinced many that he was their hero, the very embodiment of all that was good and righteous. The words of the prototype monster may help protect against those who would follow in his footsteps:

"Today you must stand before the world, with me and behind me, and solemnly declare we want nothing but peace, we want nothing but calm, we want only to devote ourselves to our duties. We also want nothing but equal rights and we will not allow anyone to take away our honour."

"What good fortune for governments that the people do not think."

"Great liars are also great magicians."

"Only when one takes on the mantle of hero is it possible to serve god."

"Lord, we will not desert you! Now bless our struggle and our freedom and thus our German people and Fatherland!"

"I have made the masses fanatical in order to make them an instrument of my policy."

"The idea of hitting was always in me."

"Woe to him who is weak."

"My will decides."

Adolf Hitler

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