According to a Failure Analysis study, the average American consumes so much energy that it would take 200 slaves to replicate his life-style.

Of America's 4 million miles of roadway, only half are paved.

Americans spend over $2 billion on Halloween, making it second only to Christmas as a commercial holiday.

Landfill research indicates that most Halloween candy is consumed, while most packages of valentine candy are thrown away uneaten.

More money was spent to re-create the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor for the movie "Tora, Tora, Tora" than was spent by the Japanese military on the actual attack.

Galileo, known as the father of modern astronomy, did his science for fun while doing astrology for profit. Galileo charged fees as high as 50,000 pounds for his services as an astrologer.

A typical infant will drool 133 quarts of saliva before his/her first birthday, and will crawl 93 miles before age 2.

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