It took 60 acres of prime English oak trees to build HMS Victory - Nelson's flagship in the battle of Trafalgar.

The term "square meal" comes from the square plates used on 18th century ships of the line in the British Navy.

The largest dinosaurs were only about one third the size of a modern Blue Whale.

The antlers of deer are a form of bone while the horns of sheep are a form of skin.

Nation wide, there are over 2.5 Million successful Legal firearms defenses against criminal attack every year.

Serial killer Ted Bundy served as assistant director of the Seattle Crime Prevention Advisory Council.

One out of every four residential fires is set by an arsonist.

It's estimated that in Los Angeles, $.25 of every $1 in auto insurance premiums goes to pay for staged accident insurance frauds.

It's estimated there are enough blocks in the three great pyramids in Egypt to build a wall 10 feet high and a foot thick all the way around France.

One third of the world's energy production is used to power lightbulbs.

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