Scientists have identified huge jets of antimatter streaming outward from the poles of the black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy. The antimatter jets extend perpendicular to the plane of the galaxy along its axis like the spindle of a gyroscope.

All of the luminous matter we can observe in the universe - stars, galaxies, globular clusters, etc. make up only 10% of the matter that's out there. Gravitional studies of those celestial bodies we can see indicate 90% of the universe is made up of dark matter/other stuff we have not yet figured out how to detect.

George Washington's notebook in the New York Public library starts out with a recipe for beer.

At last count there were more than five million federal laws - and ignorance of the law is still no excuse.

Koala bears and humans are the only animals known to have individually unique fingerprints.

More than 2000 computers are stolen in the USA every day.

It's estimated that the ancient Egyptians mummified over 730 million of their dead. Modern drug tests on Egyptian mummies show that the ancient civilization builders used cocaine, nicotine, and hashish.

According to the University of Toronto, cellular phones cause as many traffic accidents as drunk drivers.

More police officers are killed by high-speed chases than by gunfire.

Computer games have grown to a $16 billion industry - twice the size of the $8 billion Hollywood film industry.

In whole head transplant experiments with monkeys, the new body doesn't attempt to reject the transplanted brain like it would other alien organs.

The disease influenza got its name because 15th century Italians thought it was caused by the influence of stars and planets.

There are an estimated 250,000 abandoned mines scattered across the Western USA.

There's no word in the English language to describe the condition of not being able to think of the right word.

Opossums are awake for only 20% of their lives.

Walking requires the use of 200 muscles.

60% of men and 40% of women snore.

The record length for a snake is 32 ft.

Bats only produce one offspring each year.

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