WW-I killed 9 million. The worldwide movement of troops to fight the war provided the distribution system for the influenza pandemic that followed the war. The pandemic killed 20 million.

American drivers spend an estimated 1.8 billion hours per year stuck in traffic jams.

The Earth is losing its moon. The Moon spirals 1.5 inches farther away per year.

John Adams estimated that at the time of the American Revolution only a third of the population supported the revolution while an equal third continued to support the British Crown. The remaining third didn't much care either way. Almost as many colonists fought on the side of the British as against them.

A skydiver free-falling through a rain cloud hits the "pointy" ends of the raindrops.

Over half the aerodynamic drag on indy style racing cars comes from the exposed wheels. At speed the downforce on the tires contributed by the wings exceeds that contributed by the weight of the car.

The Airforce is experimenting with tame falcons to scare birds away from airports. Birds get used to noisemakers and other humane tactics, but their fear of falcons is instinctual, immediate, and permanent.

70% of marriages in Oregon end in divorce.

74% of inmates currently in prison are there for drug related crimes.

Nationally, one in three murderers gets away with it.

In the USA, credit cards out number people three to one.

The electric chair for executions was "invented" by Thomas Edison in an effort to demonize his competitor's products. Edison was trying to promote his inferior DC equipment and specified his competitor's AC products to operate the chair. Edison then attempted to claim his competitor's equipment was only good for killing people.

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