The first recorded political/criminal alliance in the new world was established when the Governor of North Carolina sold the protection of his ports to Black Beard for a share of the pirate's plunder.

The IRS has failed its audit by the General Accounting Office for the fourth year in a row. When auditing private citizens, the IRS assumes irregularities demonstrate criminal intent unless their target can prove otherwise. While the IRS routinely incarcerates and/or siezes the assets of private citizens for relatively minor accounting irregularities, government auditors are only willing to consider the chronic irregularities at the IRS "distrubing".

Official Federal statistics show that 74% of illicit drug users are employed while only 63% of the general public manages to hold down a job.

In America today, 35% of children are born out of wedlock. 70% of the children in the juvenile justice system are from single parent households.

The term "Cops" originated with the copper shields and buttons of early police uniforms.

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