Microsoft spends over $500 million/year to answer phone calls from users with problems - more than it spends on developing the software products people are calling about.

Lightning is very sensitive to temperature. Lightning activity increases 3-4 fold for every degree centigrade of temperature rise.

It takes the interaction of 72 different muscles to produce human speech.

There are around 600 working satellites in orbit around the Earth. There are also over 8000 dead, broken or damaged satellites up there - all of them traveling at high velocity, many in wildly eccentric orbits.

Out of the 23,000 Japanese soldiers who died on Guadalcanal, only 10% died from bullets. The overwhelming majority died from fever, malaria and hunger - the secondary but even more deadly effects of war.

The first automatic turn signal was an illuminated human like mechanical hand on the Hispano-Suiza Alfonso that extended to indicate right and left turns.

World wide we now rely on only 7 main food crops to feed the entire human population. If something happened to the wheat and rice crops, most of humanity would starve.

The largest insects that ever lived on the earth were giant dragonflies with wing spans of over 3 feet.

Over 90% of the sculpting on Mount Rushmore was done with dynamite.

On an average day, 17 Americans are killed at work places.

92% of on the job fatalities are men while only 8% are women, even though men make up only a little more than 50% of the work force. According to the Labor Department this disparity in fatality statistics is because men are commonly employed in the more dangerous occupations in construction and industry.

When Elvis Presley died, he'd earned nearly a quarter billion dollars, but had "only" $4 million left - and maintaining Graceland was consuming over a quarter million/year. Today, decades after his ignominious death from self abuse, Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. makes over $50 million/year from licensing "The King's" image.

One in every 10 Americans lives in the vicinity of the Long Island Sound.

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