Only 8% of households in Japan have a computer, while 16% of American households have computers.

Mosquitoes find their their prey by sensing the carbon dioxide in their dinner's breath.

The tooth is the only part of the human body that can't repair itself.

The "you may have already won..." Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes that shows up regularly in nearly every mail box in America generates over $100 million/year in sales. While the company awards sweepstakes prizes totaling over $13 million/year, printing the magazine subscription stamp sheets that the majority of us carelessly discard unused actually costs the company more than the prizes.

The energy in an average one day hurricane could power the United States for three years.

The earth's magnetic field pulls the electron beams hitting the cathode ray tube in computer monitors. Every computer monitor has to be calibrated relative to its position in the earth's magnetic field. Adjust a monitor in the northern hemisphere and its colors will be wrong if you plug it into a computer in the southern hemisphere.

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