Digressions and Diatribes

by Kort E Patterson, Editor

"By our actions, by our laws, we have made cocaine the most lucrative crop in the history of man."
Judge Jim Gray,
Orange County, CA

"Just because nobody comes back to complain doesn't mean all parachutes are perfect."
Benny Hill

How ironic. All that effort and energy expended by mankind to find the true meaning of life and achieve oneness with the infinite harmony of the cosmos - and it turns out that the lowly couch potato, getting fat and lazy (increasing his mass while lowering his energy density), is the only one truly in sync with the Universe...

The present is preparation for the future not the result of the past.

At every moment we stand in our present with our past behind us, and look out across the fabric of existence at the expanse of possibilities. We decide if we will learn from the past and guide ourselves toward the best possible future, or vainly try to mold the future into yet another revision of the past.

The knowns form the substance of our expectations, while like black holes in the fabric of life, the unknowns warp the surface of the future and create stress and distortions. In spite of our intentions, our paths are twisted and turned by the effects of the unknowns, and we are sometimes drawn spiraling into their gravity wells.

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