Digressions & Diatribes

by Kort E Patterson, Editor

Sixth Anniversary Issue!

Well, it's time for my annual expression of surprise to still be editing Port of Call. I've enjoyed the last year, and hope you've found our newsletter a good read.

In keeping with tradition, this anniversary issue contains a short story by your editor. I'm pleased to point out that we also have 2 interesting member submitted articles to enjoy this time.

As always, POC needs your interesting and/or amusing submissions. The best way to make POC the sort of newsletter you want is to submit enough articles and letters to displace the filler pieces I have to find or write to fill in the left over white space.

The single filler article needed to fill in the white space that should have held your article or letter, was inspired by a discussion on our email list, TOP1. Want to engage in heated philosophical discussions with your intellectual equals? How about sharing a couple jokes you just heard? Would you find an Illian-class grapevine of news, rumors, and trivia interesting? Or would you prefer exchanging favorite recipes, sharing travel recommendations, talking about computers, or discussing movies you've seen and books you've read? Well TOP1 is all these things and more!

You can participate on TOP1 at any level you choose - from passively lurking (just reading the postings of others) to contributing to every discussion that gets started. You decide which postings to read, which to reply to, and which to simply delete unread - allowing TOP1 to be all of the different forums that Intertel's diverse membership wants it to be all at the same time.

Our calendar section in POC is also a bit sparse. If you'd like to enjoy the company of fellow Illians in your area, the first step is to organize an event! Contact your local area coordinator for help and advice. If there isn't a local area coordinator in your area, volunteer to become one! Then send your events schedule to POC so that I'll have something to put in POC's calendar.

Another good reason for members to become involved in local events is that, as your Regional Director, I'm supposed to send welcoming letters to new members. Do any of you really want our new members to think that I'm a typical example of our region's members? If they don't meet other members at events, or read the submissions of other members in POC, what other evidence will they have to the contrary? You too can defend the honor of our region by getting involved!

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