Federal or State Citizen?

by Scott Hall

Are you exercising your rights as a state citizen?

CITIZEN: "At common law, a natural born subject." The term natural born citizen used in the federal constitution is not therein defined. Its meaning must be gathered from the common law. One may be a citizen of the United States without being the citizen of a state. An important element is necessary to convert the former into the latter. He must reside within a state to make him a citizen thereof, but it's only necessary that he be born or naturalized in the United States to make him a citizen of the Union. There is therefore a twofold citizenship under our system; federal citizenship, and state citizenship. The 14th Amendment's main purpose was to establish the citizenship of free Negroes and to put it beyond doubt that all blacks (as well as whites) born or naturalized within the jurisdiction of the United States are citizens thereof.

SUBJECT: "an individual member of a nation, who is subject to its laws." It must be understood that 'subject to the laws' does not necessarily mean all laws. Here again is a jurisdictional issue as related to venue.

It is clear that citizens of states existed prior to the 14th Amd. and that those citizens were natural born white people. This was a common law right. The "United States" as a noun never had any common law nor did it have any citizens of its own before the 14th Amd. This new citizenship for the "United States" is statutory and has different privileges and immunities than that of the states of the union. Statutory citizens have statutory Civil Rights as delineated by Congress.

It could be concluded that the statutory citizen of the "United States" is inferior to that of the State Citizen in the sense that they are subject to all laws passed by Congress while State Citizens are not. One need only to read Art. 1, sec. 8, clause 17 of the federal constitution to see the difference. Keep in mind that there are "these United States" and there is the "United States." These United States meaning the union of states, plural.

Wake up Patriots! It is time to start exercising your rights as a State Citizen and throw off the chains of tyranny that have been foisted upon us by a federal government that is bent on enslaving us. Unless we willing place ourselves under the jurisdiction of Congress as a federal citizen, we are not bound by federal laws, nor subject to the jurisdiction of federal courts. As a State Citizen, we are also off limits to all federal agencies, including the BATF, FBI, and the IRS. So, what will it be, a State Citizenship bound only by state and common law with the full protection of both state and federal constitutions, or federal citizenship and lifelong serfdom to a federal government?

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