RD Rants and Raves

by Brewster Gillett, RD VII

Your RD is pleased to report that, of the 17 new Ilians joining in August, four of them were from our region. I'm getting questionnaires out to them, so maybe next issue we'll be better acquainted.

If there are any local groups who feel up to hosting the AGA in 1999 or 2000 (Colorado comes to mind) please get in touch with your RD.

We actually managed to have a gathering in Portland in July - members coming out of the woodwork that hadn't been seen in years. It all happened because of top1, our Internet discussion list, and had to do with a couple of Ilians from Lost Wages who were planning a visit to this area. Our Local Coordinator, Jenny, was back in Bollimer, so missed it.

We even put together a firing range expedition to yours truly's local gun club, where a couple of novices got the opportunity to handle the legendary Glock .45. Oddly, no militia members nor anyone that even resembles one were anywhere in evidence.

Don't forget to let Kort, our Port of Call editor, have notice in advance of any gatherings you're throwing; even though obviously not everyone can attend every bash, it's nice for all of us to know what's going on around our region.

And please, all you writers - we desperately need submissions for Port of Call. Always. Just drag out one of your old rants, or letters to the Editor, clean it up and shoot it to Kort. If we don't receive material from the membership, then Kort has to write everything himself, or glean it from the Net.

Pick a subject - any subject. Start a fight - any fight. Let's get a dialogue going, so that we can get some relief from hearing all about how Port of Call is too much a one-man-band. It won't be if you'll get off your collective duffs and send in your deathless prose to Ye Ed.

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