My name is Dan Boone, and I wanted to pass on a few items concerning Port of Call.

First, thanks for volunteering to be editor. I know how much work it is, and appreciate anyone who volunteers to help any organization, particularly when they are willing to produce our regional newsletter.

A few minor corrections, submitted in the interest of improving what I consider to be a really good newsletter:

I think that Lourie Davis is now the Executive Director instead of Lynn Chambers.

Lu Brighton is no longer the coordinator of Washington. I don't think that she renewed her membership. As far as I know, the position is vacant.

In your article on Entropy, Complexity & Life, I believe the word in the first sentence should be "affects" rather than "effects".

These are minor suggestions/corrections, and are submitted in the interest of technical accuracy.

Again, thanks for taking on a thankless task, and keep up the good work!

Say Howdy to Brewster for me.

Dan Boone

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