Dear Kort:

I believe, to a large degree, H sapiens due to his gregarious nature will always be involved with collectives, family, clan, tribe, societies religious and secular, armies and navies. Man cannot live alone, he is not an island. This all flies in the face of his individuality and his individual prerogatives. As you noted well, individuals have differing ideas that get knocked about by the collectives with which he is involved. I view the effects of human activities both as individuals and in collectives with a jaundiced eye.

The reason is my view of the long history of life on earth, all 3.5 billion years of it. Except for the the last minuscule hundred thousand years the time H sapiens has been around, life to my knowledge was well ordered and progressed favorably except for the extra terrestrial events that caused extinctions.

To me it appears that mankind during his short tenure has done more damage to earth than any of his predecessors and in an infinitesimal short time by comparison. From this I have concluded that mankind is incapable of guiding life on earth to an equitable condition for all that inhabits it. Instead he seems bent on continuing as he has since the end of the last ice age apparently oblivious of the evidence he has accumulated concerning biological principles. These I admit fly in the face of man's empathy and it seems he is unwilling in this era to confront them. I also believe that man cannot digest the unpredictable characteristics of biology.

I have to ask why did man evolve anyway? I also have not heard from any source what God is doing about overpopulation.

Frank Bartlett

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