Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

When people call a person a "Christian" what do they mean? If you listen to the recent Republican debates you get the idea that Christianity has to do primarily with sexual morality. However, there is little mention of sex in the Christian Gospels; but there is a lot about loving one's enemies, refusing to retaliate, giving aid to those who try to harm and kill you, sharing what you have with the needy, etc.

None of these basic messages of Christ seem to be mentioned by the "Christians" at the debates. The "Christian" debaters say that success is judged according to how much material wealth one has. However Christ, according to the Gospels, seems to be saying that happiness or success is not achieved by having a lot of wealth.

Happiness or success is achieved by sharing your wealth and doing good to those who harm or threaten to harm you. A hero is not a materially wealthy person or a person, who for defense or any other reason, strikes out at his or her neighbor; but one who tries to make his or her enemy a friend, to make it easier for the enemy to be good.

It seems to me the debaters should re-read and meditate more on the Scriptures to see what is required by one who calls oneself a follower of Christ, a Christian. If we were really "Christians" we would not be at war, and the world would be a happier, safer place.

Rev. Don Timmerman

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