AGA Wrap-up

by Will Oberdick
Director Region 7

A big thank you to everyone that made it to the AGA in Grants Pass, Oregon - and a bigger thanks to one person that did not make it. A very special thank you to Irene (Decie) Zajac for locating the wonderful speakers we had.

We skipped out on the bill for the banquet and when I went back to settle it, in small town fashion I was told to take care of it whenever.

Tuesday it was back to the real world for me and I got a late start - the AGA wore me out.

Off to the University of Iowa next week to give a one day session on air quality monitoring, home for a few weeks, and then off to the Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory in Seattle for a two day session. I do look forward to that as I did a summer on fires, going after a wildfire with a shovel was a real rush.

I'm looking forward to the cruise next year, and I think Norm has a good jump on the planning, and a great grasp on what needs to be done.

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