Poetry by Richard Kovac

Elements: Human
The elements
of myself
include blood
and semen
and water
and bone and marrow
and muscle.
Compound am I.
When I try
to hold
the disparate
elements of me
in one piece,
they crumble
into pieces,
and only you
can hold them
But where is
the soul?
Who can find it?
Where is the way?
It is not
in myself,
but in you.

A Red Maple Leaf
is the red
maple leaf
among many
in its redness

I walked along
and wondered
what beauty is.

The golden swan
of self
traverses the pond,
and unaware
of myriad oceans
it never sees.

God knows
I'm as subversive
as spaghetti
and meatballs
with marinara sauce.
But questioning on it,
I'm at a loss.
"Reform thyself!"
is what they say.
But I and you
must find a way
to tomorrow's truth
this very day.

Absurd Youth - Eileen
I feasted
on her
as if she were
Probably French.
Mon Dieu!

is a power struggle
from the day "go".
It starts even
before that
if you go that
The perennial
question is,
as Freud remarked
"Who is to be
on top?"
Freud was
a nasty
old man
wasn't he?

Morning Star
Good Day to Everyone!
The sun is magnificent.
The sun is splendid and true
to course.
In olden days she was
our recourse.
On occasion she blinds us.
But most days
we bask in her rays
and warmth
renews bone
until bones strain
in the sun-stretched sand,
end us.

TV Called Into Question
There are two ways
of looking at this:
"Nothing is real
unless it's on television.
"Nothing on television is real.
The little phantom figures
flickering on the screen -
do they really mean?
It seems illusion.
But for many it is
all that is.
They will await
the beatific vision
on their
television screen.
It will be digital.

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