Letter on Beauty

There is a branch of philosophy called aesthetics which begs the question of beauty. The thingness of something beautiful cannot be deciphered from multi-syllabic prose and exegesis. The testimony of beauty is the rock, the flower, the river itself. We are the bridegroom's friend. We can only say, "Look!"

"Why is the sky blue?" is a question that can be answered chemically, but no material dissection can explain beauty. The essence of beauty is in its subjective nature, but it partakes of the collective unconscious of the human race.

The more you expound about what makes something beautiful, the more foolish you are.

More words count less.

It does say in scripture that God is the First Author of Beauty, and his attributes are hinted at by beauty.

I leave you with this thought: A flock of geese in formation flying northward.

Richard Kovac

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