Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I would like to present several topics in the scientific area.

You watch the nightly news or baseball game, etc., and are presented with a wide variety of legal drugs for many ills, some of which are comical, yet sad - e.g. rubber bands For women and Viagra For men. Was the name of that l960's Beatles song "Eight Days a Week" or "Thirty Two Times a Month"?

A unique opportunity came with the publishing of Dr. Netterberg's book, "The Cancer Conspiracy", Pinnacle Books, reported on so well by Rick Foote and none other than Paul Harvey, twice. A vaccine for cancer existed as early as 1921, in N.Y.C. where Dr. Michael Scott traveled to heal his own hand cancer aroused by the prevalent radiation he used on patients. He learned how relatively simple the task was, came back and did his own petri dish work to cure many patients. He was ostracized for several reasons, just as the head surgeon in Vienna in the 1740's was ostracized for advocating that doctors and surgeons wash their hands before delivering babies.

The National Institutes of Health used the vaccine on a thorough test of various cancers in the 1930's. All were cured. I saw the records in a law office which procured such through The Freedom Of Information act. Weapons of Mass Deception were always around.

What I do is use aged garlic. It's on the market commercially but it costs pennies for one to make. Break open a clove of garlic, slit the sections into slices, and leave on a dish in the open air anywhere - don't worry about cleanliness. Staph is everywhere. Dr. Netterberg used to show slides from electron microscope photos of cancer cells created by staph infection. The staph attacks the garlic, a living organism, (protein, enzymes, vitamins, sulfur). Depending on humidity, dust, temperature, etc., in a few weeks plus or minus, the garlic "ages" creating a self-defense reaction to it. It becomes its own petri dish.

I use the aged garlic sliver like a cough drop. When ready it tastes sweet and doesn't sting. The body mimics the garlic, and in my case, good-bye sore throat, "walking" pneumonia, upset stomach (chew and swallow), bad tooth infection, bad cuts and sores (apply moist slice, bandage wrap and forget it), and most likely the infamous staph infection. If aged garlic gets hard I sprinkle water on it.

When we were kids and got sick, our mom used to put fresh garlic in hot milk and make us drink it. Did I get well quick, well or not.

According to Dr. Johanna Budweger (book available) all fatal cancer biopsies show cells chock full of saturated fat. They block the electron flow in cells, inhibiting healing. Unsaturated fats do not, e.g. olive oil, soybean, sunflower, safflower, flax, peanut, and cod liver oil. Their molecular structure enhances electron flow. The body works on electricity. Most of us are short on vital minerals and trace elements, which when added to the body (mostly water) creates and maintains electrolyte.

We are a sick nation that can be healed physically, emotionally, spiritually, politically. The first step is to recognize and control the eighth deadly sin - fantasy. Then the seven deadly sins can be seen more clearly.

Al Fry

I'm generally skeptical about "alternative" medicine. However, when I consider the venal willfully malicious obstruction of medical marijuana by the politically empowered medical establishment and government drug thugs, I have to question everything the "medical establishment" claims - especially alternatives it attempts to artificially suppress. Those who would willfully inflict unnecessary harm and suffering on the sick and dying for personal gain, and to protect and perpetuate their exploitive monopoly over the health and wellbeing of freemen citizens, are utterly undeserving of respect - and certainly unworthy of the illusion of credibility they currently enjoy. A medical establishment and government willing to blatantly lie to the citizens about medical marijuana for over 70 years are more than capable of lying whenever they think overt dishonesty will advance their self-serving agendas.


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