Airways Truth Searching

by Al Fry

It should be clear by now that the usual media sources are the last place we can get a clear picture of what's really happening in our troubled world.

The same old corporate cartels and elite insiders have most of these outlets, and profits and manipulation have always been put ahead of truth. We can go back as far as the 1800's to find the same strategies by the Black Nobility and their banking pawns. Financial panics and wars are never by accident.

Huge tax loads and interest rates continue to feed these parasitic insiders - and we pawns continue to be led and bled.

New wars get regularly introduced to bring in further profits and restrictions as needed. When the elite's think tanks pointed out the planet was overpopulated a few decades ago, thousands of new poisons and anti-health weapons were brought to play.

With egos to match their wealth, they usually don't even bother to hide their agendas completely. Only when some investigative journalists become too popular do they stop them - one way or another. As we now face a particularly vicious assault on our freedoms and finances, it's important to get past the usual media pablum and find the truth. The last few years a number of talk show hosts have begun to spill out some of the story. This only goes so far however, as most go only so far for fear of losing their jobs.

Fortunately there is one media outlet that is still unrestricted. Our government simply can't censor all the shortwave broadcasts coming in from the communist and anti-American critics. Cuba, for example, may be putting out their own propaganda, but they will expose many of our shortcomings at the same time.

The most useful programs on shortwave will be coming out of WWCR in Nashville. They cater to Christian evangelists but have had an increasingly helpful group of muckrakers and expose broadcasters of late.

Exposes by people like Alex Jones and Joyce Reilly about assaults on our freedom are well researched and astonishing. Who else will expose the depleted uranium, fluoride, and aspartame poisoning with which we we are all assaulted? These and other brave expose artists can usually be located by tuning into frequencies like 7490, 3215, 4840, and 5070 in the evening.

Unfortunately, shortwave reception is filled with static and even jamming at times. It takes a little commitment and a decent shortwave radio. Radio Shack has suitable sets. Mail-order sources with a wider range include C. Crane at (800) 522-8863, and Universal Radio at (614) 866-4267. All of their sets over $100 will do the job if a 60 ft. antenna wire is attached. A global shortwave club at 1-(866) 263-5830 will send some valuable start up pointers if requested, and the contacts noted above have helpful books on the subject.

Now that satellites are circling our globe we can also get many static-free channels for a fee.

Small FM radio transmitters for under $5OO are available in kit form should we become moved to broadcast our own versions of the truth to persons in our area.

Finding the truth outside the media and airways sources is no less difficult and perhaps this can be touched on later. Until then, the most important articles I am aware of are the gentle "awakening" articles that will slowly bring us up to speed.

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