Broken SEAL

Ilian John Bernbrock's novel "Broken SEAL" has recently been published! His new novel is available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats.

John would appreciate reviews of his novel - especially for publication in Port of Call... (It seems reasonable to assume that he's particularly interested in positive reviews by Ilians who liked his book...and OK, maybe he'd also like reviews that appear in other venues besides POC...)

John provided the following bios info: Graduate of the University of Notre Dame. Then served in US Navy SEAL Teams - back when it was REALLY tough. After that, I lived in Thailand for a time, teaching English and writing a short article on a leper colony up country.

Upon my return stateside, I settled into the life of a computer programmer, a husband and a father. (If anyone were to ask, it's been perfect bliss.)

Having had a 'fiction addiction' since the age of 20 and lacking any aid for such an affliction, I now lead a quiet life on the Wisconsin shores of Lake Michigan with my beloved wife of 28 years, Mary Burke.

I've authored over four novels and dozens of short stories, though Broken SEAL is the first novel I've published.

Years ago, I overhead a neighbor say that I was "a pretty good guy." Despite investigative efforts, there has been no corroboration of this alleged remark. The neighbor remains unavailable for comment.

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