Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

We are presently undergoing a mini-apocalypse - a time of great crisis. What is the crisis? The deterioration of marriage, promiscuity, pornography, homosexuality, and divorce are rampant.

We live here in chronic war and the rich grow richer while the poor grow even more abject and_helpless. Who dares even voice cares about Somalia. Who cares that in Wisconsin even here, half the adult male population of Milwaukee is unemployed, and that poor minorities dominate the cells of our prisons.

We are not alone in being an evil adulterous generation. So were the Romans that occupied Judea of Jesus' time, and look what happened to them!

We have a regime of many unnecessary laws, and do not live by the spirit. Thus crimes are multiplied. I add this paragraph to satisfy St. Paul.

You say I'm too religious? I'll advise the children of divorced and single parents that true religion, according to James, brother of Jesus, is "Kindness to widows and the fatherless".

Are only the "religious" not blind to the decay of our character?

But there has been some progress. Slavery has been virtually abolished, women have the vote, and civil rights have been improved - but not because of the totalitarian security apparatus.

I'm not running for office or sainthood. I don't have the character for sure. But are you? I was an atheist for several years, and Freud (that impostor) would call my sudden piety of expression, if not behavior, a reaction formation.

But, even if you are still an atheist, are you really satisfied with the way thing are going?

I'm not a prude either. I give you, Lord, thanks for woman's beauty. Where have I sinned?

But things like the idolatry of sex (i.e., lust) and consequences like abortion are unseemly and criminal. We are an evil and adulterous generation, and our technology will not save us - but may be the cause of our demise, if it is not global warming or something else.

I believe I am Cassandra, a man who is honest and frank.

Woe, woe if reforms are not made!

Richard Kovac

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