Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

We should reflect on our blessings on solstice.

The green leaves and grass, the bloom on multicolored flowers, the flight of birds in the summer sky, and at night the sound of crickets - these will mark our coming summer. We have much to be grateful for. I would like to say I am thankful, but the only flaw is that I know there are times and places still in this country, and elsewhere, where the only birds that fly in the sky are vultures.

It is better here than in Gary, Ind., for example, and even that is better off than the slums of Calcutta.

We should be grateful.

This summer day approaching soon, the summer solstice, life's recall after those who do not share our good fortune, and ask the divine master to help them and heal away our selfish reveling in all that is beautiful here. Although we are sinners, us, like those who live in squalor, having done nothing especially to deserve it.

We are all equal but some are more equal than others - the irony of it.

Richard Kovac

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