Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I don't support the violent overthrow of our government, or violence of any kind at all. I'm not too sure we could do better with a different government, as long as the Bill of Rights remains in force. No one knows how long the mandate of heaven will allow our country to continue in its current shape. We should respect government authority and worship God and respect everyone (St. Paul).

But there are violations of human rights even in the U.S., says the United Nations. Hillary Clinton recently spoke in Hanoi about the wrongness of the suppression of human rights. I was proud of her. Amnesty International tries to free prisoners of conscience, and is well-known and respected.

Wikileaks recently published documents that help us to have a more transparent government and that is good. There are a few government secrets that are too critical to national security to publish, and the editor of the New York Times has acknowledged those secrets in an interview. But by and large, the peop1e should know what their government is up to.

As for me, again, I'm about as subversive as meatballs and spaghetti with marinara sauce. In case you wondered at all.

This is not an advertisement, nor a subversive document.

Richard Kovac

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