Poetry by Richard Kovac

Intimacy At Twenty-Five
You can't love
without touching.
This was her paradigm,
and she led me
thru many
moments of touch.
Does this thought
touch you,
long lost
and gone one?
Will the day arrive
when again
at least
we hold hands?

My Daughter's Marriage
Tender is the heartbeat
of a father
for his forsaken daughter.
Tender is the heartbeat
of a daughter
for her forsaken father.
I give you away
to stay with one
I hope will love you more,
but God knows what is
in store,
and any sadness I abhor.
So I will pray this day,
as you used to say,
"God bless God,"
and marry you off
to the handsome young prince,
my son-in-law.
Tender is the heart.

The cat comes
on little fog feet.
She sits looking
over the trash cans
with silent haunches,
and find a small fish
near the quay.
She reads Sandburg.

What Is Life
Life is struggle.
Life is a rainbow.
Life is suffering.
Life is desired.
Life it tangible.
Life is moments
of ecstasy and truth.
Life is short.

Legal Opiates
The stuff of the world
is pain.
Sell dope?
Still, there is praise in hope.
and lottery tickets
are legal opiums
in this Strangelove domain
where antelopes lisp
and lions cusp,
in 3-D

The Absurd Void
I'm not a compete Void,
since that would be a Totality.
I'm a void with cracks
which let a flicker of light
shine into the dank weeds.
A flashlight would reveal
nothing special.
The true Void
is the Incomplete Void,
and into this Emptiness,
which is unpretentious,
I beg You to shine
like a blazing sun.

Four Interrogative Couplets

Misprint and Deletable
Misprints make me
happier than an ice cube
in a glass of soda pop.
The typo is a sign
that in "The World
At Large"
others also err.

Most misfits prob'ly
like misprints,
and, "In My Opinion,"
there are too many
dammed proofreaders
a round.

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