Reason, Liberty And Justice

by Richard Geffken

The rulers of America have forgotten the basic premise upon which their monopoly of riches and political power depend. This requires maintaining a system where the People themselves believe basic liberties are being given to them in exchange for their obedience.

Voter responsibility then takes the blame for all objectionable practices. Not the rulers. Not the system permitting the abuses. That system is called "liberalism". It defines "liberty" as having the potential to amass wealth, and having it protected as property once acquired. Police are not intended to take wealth from the possessor and distribute it to the needy. On the contrary, police, with voter approval, serve only to protect "rightful" ownership, and to punish all seeking to limit the accumulation of wealth. Included are unions, socialists, and other "thieves".

Good is noble, aristocratic, prosperous, rich and blessed.

Good is, therefore, everything connected with an upper class which believes its own wealth proves they are an Elect of God, divinely appointed, predestined in fact, to regulate the lives of the non-elect who form the vast majority. Because someone like Bill Gates can, every 3 or 4 decades, enter the affluent ranks of the aristocracy, this system justifies its existence as having permitted "liberty".

Bad is base, ignoble, dark, villainous, vulgar, poor, and common. It's a condition of servitude for those predestined to be exploited in this life, and obviously damned in the next. Otherwise, they'd be wealthy.

In short, even linguistically these rulers are the good guys with everyone else fit only to work so an aristocracy, and the government enforcing aristocratic privilege, will have ever more wealth and ever more power.

This liberal system can only operate if law is sacred, inflexible, and unalterable. An ex post facto law or social reformer cannot be permitted to disturb property. More, unless the People believe these laws somehow protect them, there is no fundamental fairness offered by this system at all.

Nothing of value is being returned to the base commoners for their obedient acceptance of economic inequality without justice. At best there would only remain employer permission to work at a wage which allows aristocrats to profit from this labor. To supply "justice", the church of Freemasonry, which invented liberalism as the product of its religious dogma, added "reason".

In short, violating the Constitution (fixed rules - a contract), which the Freemasons wrote to establish a nation steeped in their concept of Freedom and Liberty (aka "liberalism") poses a serious threat to the continued function of this system.

Judges have not followed these fixed rules in over thirty years. They now use "reason" to decide law does not mean what it plainly says, was always held to mean, and to add meanings to words they certainly never had. What has already factually happened is much like the pigs in George Orwell's "Animal Farm" who changed the rules on the wall during the night to justify their violations of those rules.

One fault in this practice is removing the "reason" which justified having the system itself. Since they themselves agree nothing is sacred, this actually already legalizes using the system itself to eliminate property rights, end representative democracy as they conceived it, and giving the means of production to all who depend on having jobs for the essentials of life.

There is no social security crisis. Where promises written on paper are meaningless, so is debt.

At a time when the superiority of "liberalism" is believed so apparent it is being imposed on Iraq by force of arms, it is significant that the baby has already been thrown out with the bath water.

Unless torturers are punished, Presidents who rig elections convicted of treason, and all Amendments mean what they say, revolution becomes virtually obligatory. An arbitrary, capricious, systematized lawlessness imposed by courts cannot be tolerated indefinitely.

Having already found "common" people base, vulgar, and ignoble, the stern warning of the Founding Fathers to not tamper with an independent judiciary can be expected to have the consequences these framers of liberalism predicted long ago. It appears the Elect have no ears to hear even their own cherished mentors.

When Reason, Liberty, and Justice are not in perfect, equal harmony, Jefferson and the rest predicted the mob will rebel. In fact, the Framers wanted such rulers hung. To be vulgar, we're the sensible Patriots, and the unjust, immoral aristocratic Elect of God who removed "Justice" can try using the money they stole to bribe a way into heaven. However, if scripture is a contract and fairly read, they'll be burning in hell instead.

Removing Justice was not very smart.

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