Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

My issue was brought to mind by the poem on the value of women. Buddha teaches that in past lives we are all one's mother at one time or another, so love each one as your own. Outstanding words to live by indeed.

Unfortunately I live amongst "animals and demons" and am subject to have conversations with twisted minds. The Intertel poem about the value of women started a conversation about whether rape or sexual assault is ever justified.

Now most folks' first knee-jerk reaction is "not no but hell no!" Then we draw out some instances to see if the conviction is still held. We have all heard of the child molester who the public rages should "get the book thrown at them" so they stay in prison for life, and how they are mistreated in prison but "deserve every bit they get".

Ok, what happens when the child molester gets sexually assaulted in prison? Some say he should "get a taste of his own medicine" when it's statistically proven that 90% of child molesters have been molested at some point in their life prior to offending. So more of the same punishes no one. But lets back up a step. Didn't the "taste of this own medicine" and "deserves whatever happens to him" just offer justification for rape and sexual assault? It's the same crime no matter who does it or whom it's done to "by the law".

Ok, now for the real shocker folks! What happens, as so often does these days, when the "child molester" is exonerated and his conviction overturned because of coerced witness testimony, malicious prosecution, misidentification, and the fact that they just didn't do it? What about all the hate and crimes perpetrated against him while incarcerated? Now who is the Demon Rapist?

But don't just look at the sick incarcerated mind who did the actual crime. Let's not forget those who rallied and instigated by their cries of justice and to "throw the book at the molester". Without the mindless incitement justifying the rape of another human being it probably wouldn't have happened.

So who should be punished? The media? Never happen. Retractions get page 6, 3 point typeface - oops we did it again. We need to remember what Buddha said. In our past lives this person may have been our mother, and we should love and show them the compassion due our mother lest we be reborn in their shoes praying for this dispensation.

Something to think about outside the cage.

Sherman Pitt

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