Poetry by Richard Kovac

Pixiepoo/My Daughter
You are the sunshine,
you are the burden
of light
easy on
my shoulder,
my lovely daughter,
and be happy
you oughter.
we are one.
so make today
after many years
to stay with us
altogether pray.

The Atheist
The atheist who
hymns spirituals
in his shower
is near kin
to the Muslim
who is fallen
but disdains pork.
Both are a piece
of work.
But live
and let live
the secular

August Day-Midsummer
What with daisies
and whatnot
winter seems
far away.
iI is hot today -
beads of sweat
broke out
as I went about
even in my old age.

Where It's Really At
Most of us
don't want
dribble, abstract
ideas of love
jesuitical -
but rather help
for the pain
in the groin,
and the loss
in the heart.
"Will you help me
with my pain?",
we want to know,
and our misery
attracts the truth
like a strong

"I suffer,
I exist."

Brainard Mahoney
Googleing along
I sing my song.
Could all
this computer stuff
be wrong?
It don't matter
what others say.
Virtual rea1ity
is here to stay.

Give We Must
What is the milk
of human kindness
spiked with?
It is vinegar
to give, then boast
about a button
to feed a lambkin
and take the write-off
to delight with.

Old Faithful
The adhering white
dirty snow
soils the Ford Escort,
which is white
with dirty
winter looks,
and ruins the classic
with iced-over letter.

Why did I take
it out tonight?
I need a garage.
You may prefer Chevy,
or another color,
but I have this,
one lucky feller.

Commercial For Tigers
What prowl?
Thru the jung1e
a naked flashlight
shines on the
creeping vines
and sets the trail.
The tiger,
oh, the tiger,
is chewing
on brightly-lit

Dog Days
Would a dog, without teeth,
remain a dog,
if it still had a tail
mightily to wag?
Toothless dogs
still bark
at the evanescent lark.

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