Letter to the Editor


Uniforms shouldn't Justify Bad Deeds.

We can justify anything by the uniforms we wear. Killing in the name of patriotism is allowable even commendable if you have on a military uniform and wave a flag. By the same token, embezzling is justified by a conservative business suit and a kind smile. Maybe a cape for rape. And adultery can be justified by wearing a condom.

The uniform makes the man. The uniform makes the truth.

We are more than mortals and moralists. We are superb tailors (wearing) costumes and masks. How many dressed in the robes of academia have taken this to heart?

The last English veteran of World War I just died last week, and said before he died: "World War I wasn't worth the death of a single solider."

This puts this letter in the context of veterans, and I'm one of them.

Richard Kovac

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