Letter to the Editor

To the editor

The Vatican has authority over 1.1 billion Roman Catholics, which gives it great clout among the nations. When it issues a secret message to leaders of government and other facets of society, they listen, or at least pretend to. Like the New Testament itself, many distort the Vatican secret message of l96O for greed or private empire. It is more conspicuous in our times.

Mensa and Intertel are an elite.

We must make reforms. All the ruling powers and governments must make reforms or get backwash from below and things will be twice as bad.

The one we have to fear wants to be the darling of every heart. He shall have teeth. (This is hard to understand I fear.)

Henchmen of diabolical forces will be lurking around every other corner.

A crisis will come.

Attempts will be made on the life of the holy father (l96O, remember) - does this mean the pope? I don't know. There have been several plots against the life of the Bishops of Rome since 80.

That's about half of it - it's one full page long, and Giuseppe Roncalli probably feared ridicule or panic. He released it only to upper echelons of society.

I'm here releasing this to Intertel and indirectly Mensa.

Ave Maria! Hail Mary!

Richard Kovac

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