Corporate Crimes

by Al Fry

The corporate giants have a goal of profits as their primary interest. Since our media is largely funded and controlled by the same hidden elite who own these empires, we seldom get informed about getting poisoned to uphold their profits.

The f1ourides, pesticides and chlorine in our water are bad enough, but much of the packaged and processed foods on our grocery shelves is so bad that lab rats can't even survive on it. Even the best of food can now get ruined when microwaved, mixed with monosodium glutamate (MSG), and cooked in aluminum or even coated cookware.

I was told years ago that the DuPonts would not use the Teflon cookware they produced. Later this material was taken off the market after it was found to be toxic. The same family put pressure on lawmakers to ban hemp after they saw it was a threat to their nylon profits. Later, when their freon patents were about to expire, they got eco1ogy groups to push congress into outlawing freon. Never mind that freon CFC's are 4 times heavier than air and could never punch holes in our ozone layer. The inferior substitute to freon is costing us millions.

Chlorine is another big money maker that could get replaced with much better substitutes. The poison gas factories were in place, so their product just got changed a bit from phosgene.

Aluminum smelters sold their fluoride waste material to rat poison makers until it was reasoned that dumping it in our water supplies would be even more profitable. Since the stuff was found to keep prisoners more pliable and dumbed down in Hitler's camps, there were even secondary benefits to the corporate cartels. They could increase their huge drug-chemical profits as our discrimination level fell and we wound up sick from their many other toxic products. We like to think that we get protection from agencies like the FDA but this is little better than a joke. Current protective laws against insecticides don't mean a thing to foodstuffs coming in from outside our country.

To show how corrupt our environmental protection agency has become we need only look at the former Monsanto attorney who now makes up the EPA and FDA rules for food safety. The giants like Monsanto, Pioneer (DuPont) and Syngenta require buyers of their GMO seeds to agree not to allow them to get tested by independent researchers. While farm animals across our nation sicken and become barren consuming genetically altered feed, no one can legally dredge up the necessary incriminating evidence. How many humans are sickened by GM foods can only be a shocking speculation.

Small independent producers of anything that could be competition for the "big boys" face hundreds of thousands of dollars in approval testing and red tape to even get started. Once in production they usually get bought out or squeezed out by means both foul and fair. The same thing happens globally, and a typical example is the big NAFTA con job. This fair trade agreement was supposed to help us all - and instead has been a disaster to all but the big corporate giants. They lowered the living standard of every country in the Americas. As in the 3rd world nations, the small starving farm families either had to start growing drug crops and become terrorist outlaws, or starve. Thousands of Indian farmers simply committed suicide. We American are learning about all this as we are hit with thousands of new restrictions and rules.

Locally, farmers can hardly manage under the clean environment regulation while down the state a few miles thousands of tons of depleted uranium get legally dumped. To go to court with proof of the DU contamination in the area is typically hindered by a total lack of testing facilities. It currently runs over four thousand dollars to get DU tests from Germany.

The hypocrisy horror stories fill up whole books. But as usual, about the only legal avenues for redress come from our state assemblymen and senators.

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