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by Daniel Laury (Author and reviewer)

"SeniorSex" Book review
Hatala Geroproducts
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After spending about two years working on this project, it is finally coming to fruition. SeniorSex is a Q & A format book that addresses sexuality in the older population.

There is plenty of material for the younger crowd and virtually nothing as we age. To rectify this omission, I researched the best available literature and put it together in a fun to read package. Some will read from cover to cover while others will pick and choose their chapters to fit their interests.

I have a chapter on "What is Normal". Perhaps surprising, there is a lot of misinformation out there as to what is normal. I address what is normal in sex in general as well as normal age associated changes. There is information on Diabetes, Stroke, Depression, Arthritis, Dementia, etc. I write about sexual pain syndromes in males and females, about sexual desire disorders, hormone therapy, supplements that can help or hinder the process, medications that affect sexual functioning.

A good book for a gift or for yourself. I hope that you can learn something from it and enjoy the experience.

Here is question #1.8 to give you a flavor of the book.

I've heard that sex is better with age. I'm not sure if I believe it. Is this true? There definitely seems to be a large number of seniors who agree with this statement. I hear this over and over again in my office.

For starters, there is no fear of pregnancy. Even my patients who had infertility issues in their younger years come to grips with the realization that they will not have any or more children. This has the benefit of allowing sexual activities to be enjoyed without worrying about ovulation timing and trips to the doctor's office.

There is also a maturity to sex that was not present before. You have all those years of experience to tap into. The kids are out of the house (generally!) which gives folks more privacy to enjoy each other's company. No sneaking around needed. Financially, many seniors are out of the rat race so even if they are on a fixed income, there isn't the hectic work schedule. Sex can happen at all times of the day rather than just in the evening or on weekends. Instead of trying to fit in sex between soccer games and school meetings, you can take all the time that you need or want.

How many times have I heard that older patients would not go back to an earlier time if they had the choice? Many would not want much younger partners either, mainly stating that they didn't want to have to "train" them! As we age, sex can be more of a method of communication. Often, we can express ourselves more during sex.

I think that we gain self confidence with age and feel more comfortable acknowledging our likes and dislikes. Sex can be joyous. How many teenagers describe sex that way?

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