Letter to the Editor

To the Editor;

We intend to maintain our out-of-proportion share of the world's wealth and will fight tooth and nail to protect it. That is the reality which explains so much of politics and so many wars.

We are not a happy country, although we laugh along with the canned laughter in sitcoms. We rant "God Bless America" and do the opposite of what He said would gain that blessing.

The nation needs to be re-founded by men of vision. What we have now is government by lobbyists and vested interests. The rich have a thousand times more political influence than the poor, with incomes to match.

It is unfashionable, even in church sermons, to complain about moral laxity. There are no saints or prophets left to us. We have become thoroughly corrupt, way off track. But we are satisfied because we have good food and entertainment.

This is like the situation of ancient Israel at certain times in its wayward history. If the Lord did not spare Israel, He will not spare us.

Love your neighbor like yourself? Most people who are our neighbors in this global village make less that $2 per day - not enough to buy a daily pack of cigarettes in this country.

Richard Kovac

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