Poetry by Richard Kovac

Brave New World High Schools
The average girl
at her high school -
she said - had sex
by fourteen.
This is the new teen.
(What can it mean?)
I was audacious
in my own way,
but hardly laid
a girl that age
at all - to this day,

Strawberry Fields
Our world is illusion
and we are deluded perforce.
The restless brood,
and the thing is a farce.
We see only war and greed
to get the "godspeed"
and the illusion of death
prevails over all
like a damp pall.

There is nothing as real
as fire and wind that move
in this place
which we have made for ourselves.
Nothing moves.
All is still.
We do as we will.
But nothing is real.
Find me something to touch
with my hands
and I will be saved.

Looking Backwards
His favorite word
is "asinine".
His parents
are "asinine".
The school
is "asinine".
The war
is "asinine".
The world
is "asinine".
And it is.
But he grew up
and paid
a pretty penny
for it.

Moon Shadow
the half moon
looks at me
like a milky eye
in the dark night sky
and follows me around
as I go about town.
The clouds drift
in the moonlight.
were is she?

The totalitarian State
the smoke
of burning leaves
used to waft
on the breeze,
but now
it's against the law.
(cat's paw.)
we will be blamed.

The Sympathetic Fallacy
The raucous craw of the crow
was so cocky it hurt.
As if to boot my daydreams
into night.
if nature tunes itself
to suit our mood
I fear crows are loud
to mock my plight.

Her father left
her an hourglass
and she watched
the grains tumble thru
if ever,
he returned.
Life is like that,
and we are all orphans.

Mosquito Park
The mythical author
of this poem
slept on a bench
in the park,
no home.
He was evicted
by his wife,
and very near
gave up on life.
Women come, women go;
how many more
for you, my son.

A More Prosaic Day
I also dreamed
of intergalactic empire
like Hans Solo,
and in my mind made my way
to circumnavigate the stars.
But a little bundle
was left on my doorstep
with a diaper and a note
that said "keep your feet
on the ground to be sound."
At Lydia's request, I
started to obey.

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