The Conversion Of Socrates

by Richard Kovac

There are some things in this universe of wonder that cannot be put into words, but this is an attempt. Some issues of the universe we can address with an appearance of intelligence, and perhaps theorize about accurately. These have been addressed in science and religion since the beginning of man's history. Yet the solutions aren't satisfying to limited minds like man's, even when the conclusions are backed by some evidence. Mostly we guess (theorize).

These issues include whether the universe is finite or infinite, whether it is time-bound or forever, whether there is one universe or many, and - to shift gears - whether all evil results from ignorance.

The sense of wonder may be sufficient response, looking to the starry night sky.

But to these and similar questions which attempt to resolve mysteries in words there is an irrefutable response: See the suffering of a three year old child in Haiti who weighs eight pounds. His is the face of God and the Christ. We will not find reality in speculation about material things and the universe - although they may give us feelings of awe - if we do not first leave the clouds to help this child.

"Be it life or death, reality is what I seek."

"More words count less"
lao Tsu

The suffering of humanity is real. Let us who live in the clouds alleviate it.

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