Poetry by Richard Kovac

This is a Tobacco-free Campus
Is salvation possible
for those who smoke?
Is lighting up,
taking a puff,
and inhaling,
the unforgivable sin?
It must deserve
capital punishment.
No murder, incest,
rape or embezzling
is so grave
as the effect
of the Surgeon General
on civilization.
Be healthy or
We'll kill you.
"Moderation in all things."

Ethics and Apple
What are the ethical
implications of
what happens
in virtual reality?
Is cyberspace immune
from the gaze
of the Lord?
Do virtuous deeds
in virtual really
bring a reward?
Time will tell.

Marx Going Pop
Inject a little sex
into philosophy
to make it popular.
The mind is a dry thing
without the loins.
And so, say not,
"From each according
to his ability,
to each according
to his needs",
but rather, "from each
according to his ability,
to each according to
HER needs."
That makes it a truism
sure to bring down
the sinking barge
of capitalism.

you have eaten
the fruit of
the thing which
is my heart,
and spit it out.
Too sour for you.
I may shed a tear.
if I even care.

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