Alternative Transportation

by Sam Dronebarger

I just spent several days in a small community in California. Many people there were driving golf cart-like vehicles on the streets. Each of those drivers was probably experiencing the equivalent of well over sixty miles per gallon.

The cars I saw had lights, turn signals and license plates, but otherwise looked like the standard golf course variety. Such vehicles could be designed to be comfortable, convenient and weather sturdy. In that case, wouldn't they work well on any streets that were, say, thirty miles per hour or less?

If all communities allowed such small cars (and trucks), that would give citizens another choice. If those vehicles really were comfortable, convenient and inexpensive, I suspect many people would buy them. The result would be significantly higher average gas mileage and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Wouldn't giving people that choice be better than more government laws and expenses?

Some may dismiss such an idea by saying, "people don't want little cars like that." But we can't know that without trying it. I wonder if many communities are brave enough to try such a bold thing?

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