Letter to the Editor


Evolution builds up species, not individuals. Traits are passed on not only thru the genes, but also by traditions - parent to child indoctrination. Children are usually indoctrinated into a religion long before they are able to reason. This is because their parents and their parent's parents did the same thing to them.

Man has evolved a unique trait, the ability to reason. We now have an ability to examine traditions and optimize behavior to benefit the individual rather than the species. All these traditions should be reexamined to assess their benefits to the individual, not to the species: things such as abortion, contraception, suicide, National Public Radio, public schools, and baseball.

One of the religious rules, for instance, is: Do not commit suicide. No matter how bad the present and the prospects, don't do it.

Well get over it. There is no god. Religion is fake.

What humankind needs may be something like Ayn Rand posits, man: happiness, productive achievement, and reason.

Tom Vaughn

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