Letter to the Editor

My Dear Kort,

You Devil You!

I can't believe that the submissions from Noble and Kovac wound up side-by-side by chance. What a clever holiday gift you provided those readers clever enough to appreciate that juxtaposition.

When people say that Man is created in the image of God, one might well ask: Which man? Here you have two men with IQs that approach the limits of human potential, and yet one recalls the Council of Nicea with reason and logic, while the other declares Jesus Lord of the Universe with faith and belief.

Clearly, they can't both be right.

In this case, there's not even the option of being half right and agreeing to meet somewhere in the middle.

So Kort, by virtue of deft editing, you have provided a clear example of the most insightful of truths. To wit: Not all men are created equal. There are those that contribute to our understanding of the world around us, and those that don't.

Pray let us have the good sense to distinguish between the two.

Happy Holidays,
Steve Mason

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