Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

When I was a kid the most fearful thing you could be called was "queer".

Those were the days when homophobia was standard. I never succumbed to being "queer" or "gay" as we now put it, because I was so preoccupied with thoughts of fornicating with my female classmates.

The gays say, "We were born that way." I do know some people may have a natural tendency to be gay. Most people have an inborn tendency to fornication and adultery in heterosexual manner. That can't be justified either, natural though it may be.

We have to resist urges, even natural one, that are contrary to the best standards of our humanness. What ever happened to sin? How can the Mayor of New York City with a clear conscience walk in a gay pride parade down Fifth Avenue? Does he coddle adulterers as well? Both are "abominations".

Excuses can and should be made.

There are far too many homosexual priests - according to a study sponsored by the National Conference of Bishops. Maybe one in four with tendencies or acts.

Yet I remind myself that I have done other things as bad or worse than this, and so refuse to judge anyone. I think it was Dorothy Day who said, "There will be more hypocrites in hell than homosexuals".

We are, sadly, a civilization in decline.

Richard Kovac

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